Lash Extensions are the way to go!

Most people wrestle with the thought of getting eyelash extensions for months before actually going through with it. From many first time clients I hear the same thing: "I've been following you for while now and I have never had extensions before. I'm nervous."

It's nothing to be nervous or afraid about! 

It could be the only nap a working mom gets to catch during the week or for a stressed out girlfriend it could be an affordable therapy session.

Lash Extensions are made to be painless and low maintenance. In a classic full set lash one extension is attached to each one of your natural lashes (lash extensions have evolved so much over the years, but we can get into that in another blog post. .  .lets keep it simple for now). When you get a full set for the first time it should take anywhere to and hour to an hour and a half.

So here's the LUXURIOUS part, for two to three weeks you wake up beautified before its time to go back and see your lash artist for a refill. A refill can take thirty to fifty minutes depending on how well you were able to keep your lashes up. 

And the cycle continues. . .refill after refill.